Moment Reflect

This series contains images taken from Satellites based 970km above the earth's surface. This viewpoint parallels the position of the supposed downward glance of Deities on their domain. It's the view which the ancient cultures obsessed over and could never reach, but we take for granted.

The vastness of our planet is all the more real when we can look down and barely see the mountainous waves and mile long shards of ice. These void-like expanses contain depths of vast underlying power barely conceivable to man. This anti-cinematic frame of reference is visually unique in the how we perceive our macroscopic planet. 

The images are of remote sections of ocean near the Arctic, north eastern parts of Russia and the frozen and unperturbed lakes of the Himalayas and Western China. Some of these places are so far from humans that they may have never been traversed or seldom seen at all. 

This audio is an accompaniment to delineate the images.